Tiny/Park/RV Home Lot for Rent

Park Model Home Lot at Forest Oaks Village in Manchaca, Texas. This is very safe neighborhood. The photo(s) below are for lot #24. Details about the village here.

These lots are hard to find near Austin and this one has been reserved by a dealer, Village Tiny Homes. Charlotte 512-216-3233 is offering high quality park model homes for sale to place on this lot by Athens and Platinum manufacturers. Currently, if you want to live on this beautiful tree canopied lot, you need to buy one of her homes. Charlotte several models on display at her dealership in Mustang Ridge. You are also welcome to drive by Forest Oaks Village and check out lot #24 for yourself, even though there might be an RV temporarily parked there.

  • Rent is $525 & deposit is $350 for the lot.
  • $40/adult background check through your email via transunion's 'MySmartMove' website.
  • Credit Score 650+ and good references.
  • No dogs over 30 pounds or aggressive breeds, such as, bull terriers.
  • No more than 2 vehicles, which must be in good condition, insured and current on tags!
  • Electric runs about $0.09/kWh and requires a setup with PEC - more
  • Water runs $18/month, trash & sewer included
  • Internet is AT&T U-verse or cellular hotspot service - make your own arrangements.
  • This lot has many trees and is very shaded. The unit must fit in between them all - max 15' x 55'!
  • Trains pass about 1/4 mile West with horns about every 20-90 minutes around the clock.
          Most everyone get accustomed to this quickly.
  • You are strongly encouraged to add your own shed. Carport is optional.
  • Lot is not 'yours' until we accept your deposit (check or money order only), check out your home, you agree to the Community Rules, your application and background check been approved.
  • Full details here.


    Lot #24 - Master Gardener lives to the left next door. (On Left) [Spring view April 1, 2020]

    Lot #24 - Parking for 2 vehicles. {Winter Rye Grass} [Winter view Feb 28, 2018]