Move-in Checklist

Here is a list prepared by us to facilitate in issue-free move-in here at Forest Oaks Village.

Home Installation Items & Costs:

  • ____ Residency - First thing, our office must accept your deposit on the destination home lot. [$350 deposit + $40/adult background check] Forms here.
  • ____ Delivery - Transport to Lot, Hitch-stowing, Level Set & Blocking. [Unsually included in home price, otherwise ~$2500)
  • ____ Electric - Run electric power cable (100 or 200 amp) from meter to home's Electric panel. [$900 Med-Tex Electric 512-848-5665] If your lot number is 32 or less, you will need to contact Pedernales Electric to get membership and turned-on. [~$200]
  • ____ Plumbing - Digging up the yard to connect the PVC fresh and waste water lines. Can be done the by park or dealer choice [$200-500]
  • ____ House Pad - Spreading a 4"-6" layer of 'roadbase' mix for the house to sit on. This material hardens and prevents the home from sinking in mud after it rains. Keeps the water from pooling under the house and resists insects and other pests and reduces moisture buildup under the house. We need a copy of your floor plan & dimensions of your home to plan placement and tree trimming for the lot. [$500-$750 if done by us, $1500 by the usual 3rd party vendors]
  • ____ Steps - If it over 400 sqft, 2 sets of steps are required. [Airpro builds quality custom steps for about $500 apiece]
  • ____ Skirting - Is required. Hardiboard skirting from AirPro is recommended. Metal skirting is acceptable, as long as, professionals install it and ribs are vertical. Ask for Ground Roof Shingles at the base. [$1500-$2200]
  • ____ A/C - Consider a heat-pump, also. Best is installed by the factory. Otherwise, [Airpro is the only trusted vendor that I would use. Ask home-dealer or Airpro]
  • ____ Shed - If you house is under 600 sqft, a shed is required. See options here, otherwise we will provide one for $25/month. Best to invest in your own quality shed and have it an asset with your home.
  • ____ Internet - We have AT&T Uverse or you can use your cell carrier's hotspot option.[$99 install + $45+/month]
  • ____ Yard - Consider expenses, such as, patio stones and some landscaping items. Packages avaialble, call us.
  • ____ Move-Date - A move-in date needs to be secured from us. We my delay it based on weather and ground conditions.

If these expenses are draining your free-cash too fast, consider asking your dealer wrap them up into your home-loan.

* Airpro is the best known local vendor for reasonably priced, professional drama-free workmanship. Website, 512-326-1511, 4213 Todd Ln Suite C100, Austin, TX 78744 They can also recommend their great affilates for plumbing, electrical, etc. They can quote you an installation package that includes: skirting, electrical, stairs, plumbing, A/C and more. Most of the local dealers use them for their home-installation packages because they are responsive, professional and priced fairly!